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You don't have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.

Personal Training One to one sessions to help motivate and drive you towards your specific goals. Whether it is a specific sporting event you are competing in, an event in your social calendar you'd like to look and feel good for, or if you are just looking to increase your fitness, strengthen up, or lose weight to help you through every day life.

Training Programme Tailor made training programme for your specific goals so on the days that you don't have a personal training session you will have an in depth program to follow that you can either do at home or in a gym. These programmes are designed over four weeks and are updated and progressed accordingly. They are also available to buy separately if you do not wish to see me for training sessions, or if you fall outside of the catchment area.

Dietary and Nutritional Adivce Dietary and nutritional advice that will run along side your training to help you lose weight, bulk/strengthen up and help the muscles recover properly. If you get your rest and diet right, the better and more beneficial your training will be. More often than not it's not necessarily your activities when you train, it's what you do around your training.

Buddy Training Share the cost of a training session with a friend or family member. This can also be a good motivational boost knowing that you are training with someone which can help spur you on, as you have someone else there going through it with you.

Group Training Get a group of friends and family members together for a circuit style training session. These sessions can be slightly more intense to help shock your body into working again. Also training with your peers will have a good motivational effect and can also provide a little friendly competition.

Some people dream of success, others wake up and work hard for it.

Catchment Area We currently only operate in a 20 mile radius in the Surrey and South West London areas. This is the area in which we are able to operate to provide face to face training for our clients. If you live just outside the area please still do contact us and we may be able to provide a solution to accommodate Click to expand

Prices Individual1 hour session£50 Individual1 hour 30 minute session£65 Individual1 hour sessionBlock of 10, for the price of 9£450 Individual1 hour 30 minute sessionBlock of 10, for the price of 9£600 Buddy training sessionPrice of individual session plus £10 for each additional person Program writing4 week schedule£45

Be Strong. You never know who you're inspiring

Events We regularly run scheduled group training events. Providing a great way to improve your fitness, whilst making new friends. Live & KickingPrepare to train like you have never done before! Group training session to get you up and running for the weekend.Saturday mornings, 08:30-10:30, at Homewood Park, KT16 0QA.Only £8 per person for 1 hour, or £10 for the full 2 hours. Strength and ConditioningA class designed to hit all major muscle groups for great strength gains, and to condition the body.Wednesday evenings, 19:00-20:00, at Beatbox Gym in Woking.Only £10 per person.

Good things come to those who work their asses off for it

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Consultation Kick start your way to a new healthy you... the first step is easy, simply fill out our consultation form (click here ) and we will be in touch!

"Measurable improvements in my speed, agility and strength"

Having finished university several years ago, I'd fallen into the same routine; train a few times a week and then play a bit of sport at the weekends. My training had plateaued and I wasn't seeing any improvements in my performance, so I figured I'd make an investment and hire Luke.

That was two years ago and I can honestly say I haven't looked back. In a short time Luke completely revolutionised my training regime, bringing amazing results very quickly. There were measurable improvements in my speed, agility and strength not to mention the improvement in cv output. Longer term, Luke has continued to challange me, eking out further improvements all the time and holding frank discussions about my goals and aspirations. If you're looking to improve your sporting performance with someone who can relate and motivate you, Luke Stapleton is the PT for you.

Chris Petch
"Luke kept me motivated and on track"

Last year (2010), a very good friend of mine persuaded me to take part in a sponsored charity bike ride (200 riders) covering 500 miles in France in 6 days. What was I thinking, I was unfit and had not been on a bike for at least 20 years. I met Luke and explained the situation and he put me on a training program, starting slowly at first and gradually building it up.

I started on 1 session a week then up to 2 with a bike road session at the weekend. As I hated exercise Luke varied each session so it kept it interesting and I did not become bored. I trained for about six months and during this time I had a number of periods of doubt where I felt like giving up, Luke kept me motivated and on track and helped me through the lows. Not only did I achieve my goal of completing the ride and raise £2,500 for charity, I really enjoyed the experience and was runner up in the rookie of the year category, not bad for a 50 year old!!!!

I still train with Luke and would recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit or agrees to some ridiculous physical challenge after a night in the pub!

Simon Dunn
"Sessions are well structured, versatile and interesting"

Luke makes training interesting and fun. To be able to joke around with a trainer helps to take mind off some of the hard work. He offers perfect balance of a physical boost and positive mental approach towards exercise and wellbeing. He has a great ability to motivate and push and is always very encouraging, so when I think I cannot do any more Turkish get ups he knows there is just that "one more", and he is right!

His sessions are well structured, versatile and interesting, never know what to expect till he turns up with the oddest looking modern equipment that only he knows how to use (at first). Despite being often pushed to the limit I always feel Luke ensures all exercises are performed in a safe way and the correct technique. He is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goals. Be prepared to work hard!

Nadia McCormack
"My stamina levels have increased dramatically"

Since I started PT with Luke I have so much more confidence in my own ability and my stamina levels have increased dramatically. Luke has also managed to sort out my back problems with some intensive stretching and core muscle strengthening; this has enabled me to be more active in general. My sleep patterns are much improved, as I am not waking up to change position all the time.

My weight has stabilised for the first time in years and my body is much more toned, which is great as I am 54. Luke is very professional and reliable; he has a good sense of humour and uses this to encourage and cajole me into pushing myself far beyond what I would ever do by myself.

His sessions are thoughtfully planned to take into account the temperature and also to keep them interesting, variable and challenging. Luke is very patient and is careful to demonstrate as many times as he has to, ensuring I get the maximum benefit from the work out. He also knows instinctively when I can push myself more, and at the same time notices when I am not feeling 100%. I would recommend his PT sessions to anyone who needs to work on their fitness, strength and conditioning.

Hilary Sheen
"He manages to bring out the best in his clients"

Having started training three years ago with Luke. I have found that he truly breaks the mould of the stereotypical personal trainer. Throughout our years of training he was determined to listen to my personal goals as well as advising me on my direction, that would suit my lifestyle, and body.

One of my main goals was to make myself fitter, and to improve my agility for playing squash. We focused equal amounts on my cardio training, which consisted of challenging bike programmes and rowing. As much cardio training improved, so too did my weight training. This included kettle bells, the use of Vipers and plenty of walking squats, both with and without weights. Luke was also incredibly well-informed on helping me through various injuries, including sciatic nerve pain that made kneeling down very difficult.

Through his knowledge of stretching and foam rolling I'm pleased to say I no longer have this problem. I made Luke aware that whilst I did not specifically want to bulk up, I wanted that sought after "ripped look" and I'm happy to say that his encouragement, and determination paid off. Apart from being a fantastic trainer, Luke also becomes a very understanding friend. Not only to help you reach your targets, but also posses excellent skills of understanding his clients and people. He manages to bring out the best in his clients, and is always on hand to lighten the situation with some humour. Making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Thomas Rigg